Harley Davidson Street 750 modified to motor racing

Harley Davidson Street 750 models modified to extremes by home modifications Collingwood, Victoria, Australia, Kustom Kommune, become the motor racing legend KR750. This bike was made as a tribute to

Harley Davidson Street 750

10 Best Cars to Watch Out for in 2015

The auto industry has never felt so alive, and this 2015, car manufacturers have promised us several pretty insane releases. Starting from Honda’s revived HR-V badge to fresh Jaguar XE and Vauxhall

Best Cars in 2015

Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar launch SUV cars in 2015

Mercedes Benz will launch four new types of car sport utility vehicle (SUV) in 2015, a facelift and new products, similarly as quoted by Reuters. [caption id="attachment_5123" align="alignnone"

SUV cars in 2015

2017 new cars not uses conventional engine

This time, recent study entitled "Automotive Fuel Efficiency Technologies" conducted Navigant Research institutions mentioned, in 2017 no more than half the number of new cars in the world that still

2017 new cars

Concept cars at Detroit Motor Show 2015

Car event North American International Auto Show or the Detroit Motor Show will be held in January 2015. Some car manufacturers are expected to display the latest products and concept cars, some of which call Audi, BMW,

Concept cars 2015

Toyota delays launch Prius Hybrid 2015

The launch of the fourth generation of the world's best-selling hybrid car Toyota Prius would be delayed. Experts Toyota reasoned, Prius 2015 remains to be refined so that its release was delayed until the end of 2015

Toyota Prius Hybrid 2015