Bird is beauty

people like me very love listening bird voice.
In every morning when I listening my birds, my feels very fresh and enjoy. Then I will watch the birds and doing my another activity.
In bird watching, usually I invite my son and I tell about the bird and explained about the bird. This is very enjoy when we talk about birds with the anotherlovers bird.

If you've never tried bird watching, you may wonder what draws so many people into it. At its simplest, bird watching's popularity stems from its simplicity and ability to relieve stress. Birds are symbols of innocence and freedom, and bird watchers gain a measure of relief from the day to day stresses of modern daily life simply by looking at these little winged wonders of nature.Another appeal of bird watching is that the sheer variety of birds in the world gives the watchers a sense of something new every time they see a breed they've never encountered before. Unlike enthusiasts of domestic animals like dogs and cats, bird watchers who want to look at certain breeds may even have to go into the wilderness on camping trips to look for these birds; thus getting fresh air and exercise mixed in with their hobby.

Birds are a joy to behold due to their colorful nature; they are one of the types of animals that generally use visual displays to attract their mates. For this reason, birds are usually colorful, flashy, and really fun to view. Their behavioral patterns are also more whimsical and playful than most other types of wild animal.Their songs are another reason why people enjoy bird watching. While some species of birds just squawk or shriek, there are enough songbirds with melodic voices in the world that some enthusiasts have actually compiled their own recordings of the various songs of the birds they've viewed.

Bird watching is a safe family event; while some nature trips and wildlife viewing expeditions involve factors of risk that prevent children from joining in, birds are almost predominantly harmless, making a nature trip to watch them an excuse for a family holiday.
On a more serious note, bird watching also contributes towards the preservation of nature. Aside from environmentalists and natural scientologists, formal bird watching societies make a habit of knowing which species of birds are endangered, which are rare, and the general behavioral patterns and migratory paths of flocks of birds. With this knowledge, even casual birdwatchers are able to help official wild life preservation groups keep track of and protect avian wildlife.