Watching Bird with Family and Lovers Bird Group

Why you like Bird watching ?
Is birdwatching an activity that is best enjoyed alone or with a companion? The answer depends on your preferences, personality, and resources, It is true ?
So, do you like better bird watching alone or with your groups as same lovers bird ?
For me, I like bird watching with my family, friends or my group.

Even though you go birdwatching with people who already know you well, some people just never learn when it’s time to simply enjoy the silence. If silence is one of the things that soothes your body, mind, and soul, you’ll definitely find birdwatching alone more suitable, not to mention addictive and relaxing.
While silence and the freedom to completely concentrate on their hobby are the primary objectives for birdwatchers to go solo, there are certain types of individuals who would no doubt find it more advantageous for them to go birdwatching accompanied by other people.

Beginners – If you’re still busy trying to understand the basics of birdwatching, it’s definitely better for you to find a companion, especially one with the necessary knowledge, experience, and passion for the same interest. Having an old-time birdwatcher accompany you on your trips will enable you to learn invaluable lessons that you’ll never find in books and prevent you from committing any costly mistake.
Relief from Boredom – Since birdwatching is generally made up of ¾ waiting and ¼ enjoyment, most of your time will be spent scanning the woods for birds. Finding rare birds however is a considerable challenge and it could be days before you even spot an uncommon avian species. Having someone with you however will allow you to enjoy the pleasure of conservation or simple companionship while you’re on the lookout for your favorite birds.

Tips on How to Find a Birdwatching Companion
If you’re still studying, check the bulletin board and ask around to determine if there’s a registered birdwatching club or school in which you can participate.
Join a birdwatching organization if there’s one in the vicinity. It will allow you to know people just like you, and some of them are apt to be willing to accompany you on a trip.
Subscribe to a birdwatching magazine or newsletter because they may be holding a birdwatching event near you and in which birdwatchers like you are the participants.
Birdwatching will always be an interesting activity, whether you do it alone or not. It’s crucial however for you to observe only and not to disrupt the birds at any chance. Birds should be respected, too, after all!